The Post COVID-19 Workplace

What the office could look like when employees return to work in the “new normal”

COVID-19 has upended businesses around the world. Now, as restrictions ease, companies are gradually returning to the office. Many firms are doubling down on employee well-being, putting in place safe management measures to meet new health requirements, ensure safe distancing and reduce disease transmission.

So what could a typical office potentially look like now and in the near future?

Local design studio Conexus Studio has reimagined the post-COVID-19 workplace (see infographic below). From futuristic contactless and collaboration technologies to hygiene stations and desk dividers, their recommendations offer a glimpse into a “new normal” of shared office spaces.

In a post-pandemic world where more firms adopt remote work, new demands will certainly emerge, explains Brendan Khor, Managing Director, Conexus Studio. Firms will want a more flexible and agile office setting that supports the performance of different tasks.

“The most important lesson that we have learnt from the pandemic is the importance of business agility,” he says. “Limiting physical interactions and ensuring infection control are paramount now. But beyond that, with a revamped office setup, organisations will value the flexibility to react to future crises, especially the ability to scale up or down quickly.”