OsomeFood: Revolutionising Health and Nutrition with Bio Sciences

Stepping into OsomeFood is like entering a laboratory of culinary innovation. The air is filled with a hum of activity as bottles of green liquid are constantly activated. It is an intriguing sight that piques visitors’ curiosity and makes them eager to discover the story behind this unique establishment.

Led by founder Mr Jason Fong, OsomeFood’s main goal is to revolutionise the concept of food as medicine. Using biosciences, the company derives its products from algae and fungi, extracting maximum nutrients to create delicious meal plans that promote optimal gut microbiome health. Their commitment to using natural ingredients, devoid of synthetic additives or contaminants, ensures that their products are nutritious and low in allergens.

At OsomeFood, they go beyond just making bold statements; they stand behind their products with clinical results. The results of the 21-day study were remarkable – with the regular consumption of OsomeFood’s meal plans over the three weeks, participants experienced reduced allergies, improved gut health, and a fortified immune system.

In addition to its dedication to health and nutrition, OsomeFood is committed to fostering inclusivity and empowerment within its operations. The company engages in meaningful partnerships, such as collaborating with Yellow Ribbon Singapore for meal preparation by inmates at Changi Prison. OsomeFood also works with SG Enable to hire and train front-of-house teams, demonstrating its commitment to inclusivity and providing opportunities for individuals with diverse abilities such as those with special needs in their OsomeEgg production process on the automation front.

OsomeFood’s corporate strategy  aligns with the broader Industry Transformation Map, which aims to enable and empower businesses to innovate through the use of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices. Jason highlighted, “To encourage and inspire the adoption of a low or zero waste production, we have our own zero waste kitchen and do regenerative organic farming.”

Scrumptious menu from OsomeFood, including the world’s first plant-based egg

OsomeFood’s commitment to health, nutrition, inclusivity, and innovation has positioned it as a pioneer in the field of bio food. With a keen focus on flavour and functionality, OsomeFood’s thoughtfully designed meal plans cater to specific needs while adapting  to local palates. Among their highly acclaimed favourites are the udon noodles and fishcakes with Korean seasoning, conveniently made available through online purchasing.

OsomeFood’s vision is to expand its business beyond Singapore to corporate and regional markets and has been working closely with government agencies and other partners like the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) to do so. In 2020, OsomeFood participated in the GlobalConnect@SBF programme, which allowed them to connect with valuable suppliers, forming the core of their ingredient sourcing network. In line with the refreshed Food Manufacturing Industry Transformation Roadmap, OsomeFood seeks to drive innovation and create new bio-food roles and skills.

While OsomeFood’s journey is one blessed with many  successes, it has not been without challenges. One major hurdle is the limited awareness and acceptance of their products in the market. The company is  continuously working on educating the masses and refining their messaging to gain wider acceptance. Another obstacle they face is scaling their operations for expansion. To overcome this challenge, OsomeFood has collaborated with A*STAR SIMTech and other partners to develop a cutting-edge machine that accelerates the transformation of cells into final products, enabling large-scale production. They are eagerly awaiting the final beta testing of this equipment, which will allow them to introduce their meal plans to corporate offices in larger volumes.

OsomeFood’s ambitions do not stop there. Their ultimate goal is full automation of the entire process, making their nutritious creations accessible to even more people on a larger scale. They are committed to bringing their bio-food innovations to the forefront, promoting a healthier future for all.

Jason Fong with AWE, OsomeFood’s ready-to-eat meal plans

To discover more about OsomeFood and its range of products, visit their website and embark on a journey towards a healthier future, while experiencing the flavours and the transformative power of bio-food firsthand.