Business Predictions For The Year Of The Rabbit

Feng shui Master Tan Wee Keong shares his forecast on which sectors are likely to thrive in 2023.

This Chinese New Year ushers in the Year of the Rabbit and businesses can expect more opportunities and fewer disruptions. By combining his analysis of classical feng shui concepts and traditions with his business background, Master Tan Wee Keong of One Feng Shui Consultancy, sheds light on businesses that are expected to do well this year.

Each zodiac year is associated with one of the five elements — Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. In 2023, the Year of the Rabbit is attached to the element of Water. Master Tan says that while Water can come in many forms ranging from scattered showers to fierce thunderstorms, 2023 is represented by “Yin Water” which represents gentle water, such as light rain and morning dew.

This means 2023 will be a year of transition as we gradually recover from the impact of previous years. However, since water can alter its form and shape, this year’s business climate will likely remain highly unpredictable. Hence, staying adaptable will be essential.

General business forecast

His detailed analysis reveals that beneath the element of Yin Water is the Rabbit zodiac with a Hidden Wood element. This implies that in the coming year, foreign affairs, travel, transportation, logistics and trade are likely to be affected by political and supply chain issues between countries. Moreover, there will be more international competition for resources and talent.

The other hidden element in the Year of the Water Rabbit is similar to a beautiful gold-plated metallic ornament. This means that businesses associated with jewellery, vanity, aesthetic, beauty, luxury products and social media will flourish. The presence of the favourable Metal element also means that industries such as finance, transportation, and aviation should perform well.

Master Tan also expects business outcomes and investment returns to be reasonable, provided we remain extremely cautious and do not engage in overly speculative and optimistic conduct.

People with Dog, Rat, Rabbit and Dragon zodiacs will enjoy good wealth and relationship luck in 2023. It is also an excellent time for them to review business plans and to build networks so as to increase future interaction and rapport with business partners, suppliers and customers. However, they have to guard against unexpected high expenditure and be meticulous with their wealth management, especially when it comes to investment and loans.

Attracting positive business energy

According to his analysis of the 2023 annual Flying Star chart, the Career Star and Assistance Star will be located at the southwest and north sections of the premises respectively. Moreover, the auspicious Official and Wealth Vault also resides at the north section, while Reputation and Heavenly Wealth Stars sit at the southwest area.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep the north and southwest areas of your office neat and tidy. If there is window there, it is also advisable to open it and allow more natural lighting in. This is to harness more auspicious energy and opportunities for your business.

In addition, you should avoid “negative” sectors to prevent sudden loss of wealth and opportunity. The west, east and northwest areas of the office are potential trouble spots in 2023. It is highly recommended to keep activities within these sectors to the minimum to prevent triggering negative energy and unfavourable effects on your business.

If there are plans to renovate these areas, it will be wise to do so with feng shui advice. Otherwise, Master Tan recommends delaying the plans till the following year.

What do business owners need to know in 2023?

As the global economy improves, the business climate will become more competitive and challenging. It is necessary to be flexible and resourceful in seeking alternative supplies and solutions. It is also wise to carefully monitor your balance sheet and check on expenses regularly.


Spotlight on key economies

Utilising Qi Men Dun Jia divination techniques, Master Tan predicts the likely trends in key regions. These potent divination techniques were developed for and used by Chinese Emperors and Imperial advisers since ancient times.


It is unlikely to change its current approach in international affairs. It will remain focused on resolving its internal affairs and issues. Therefore, business growth is expected to be sluggish. However, divination suggests that it is a good year to re-engage China and plan for long-term strategic collaboration.


European economies are likely to become more active and vibrant in 2023. Trade and tourism will thrive. However, the regional situation could face occasional unsettling issues.


The US is expected to adopt a more protectionist stance, prioritising on its own internal well-being in 2023. It could also experience international disagreement or conflict this year. Thus, it could slow down in the months ahead. If US leadership manages to evade conflict and conserve its strength in this year, its economy will rebound.


Economically, the city state will perform well but there will be fierce challenges ahead and there may be some sudden policy changes or a new direction. Divination also suggests that it is good to take a more conservative approach and manage expenditure and cut back when necessary.


There is a good chance for businesses there to improve so do look out for opportunities. However, divination warns there will be occasional disagreements that have to be managed. It will be wise to be prudent in contractual and legal matters, and work with reliable partners.


Although the Indonesian economy is improving with more recruitment and business activities, there could be potential conflicts, scams and security problems.


Master Tan believes this is a good year to venture into these two countries especially for long-term strategic partnerships. However, keep a lookout for economic uncertainty and security problems in this region.


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