Caring Begins From Within

Companies, regardless big or small, have staff benefits in place such as bonuses, annual leave and providing a safe working environment. However, caring for the workforce goes beyond just these.

Be it local or migrant employees, individuals already within the workforce, or those seeking to enter or re-enter the workforce and who are faced with challenges due to their personal or family circumstances, these individuals often may not know where or how to seek support. Being cared for by their employers can make an impact not just on the individuals’ work lives but also those of their families.

As the social impact arm of Singapore Business Federation (SBF), the SBF Foundation aims to provide businesses the platforms to do just this with its various programmes and initiatives.

The SBF Foundation serves as the bridge between SBF members and the untapped or underserved workforce.

The EMPLOYABILITY FUND is a platform for the business community to collectively support vulnerable groups to enter or re-enter the workforce.

These groups are faced with challenging life circumstances and need regular employment to overcome their difficult times. They include homeless/rough sleepers, unemployed parents of children at risk of dropping out of school, women facing challenges and persons with mental health conditions.

The SBF Foundation works in partnership with programme partners— to support these four groups of vulnerable communities in their search for dignity through employment. More than 300 individuals will be supported annually to gain employment.

The programme partners reach out to over 120 companies annually that are open to hiring vulnerable individuals, and assess if there are suitable job opportunities for them.

At the same time, businesses also need to be aware of how to support and retain these vulnerable individuals at work.

That’s where the EMPOWER CIRCLES comes in. It is a Human Resource best practice-sharing platform on progressive hiring practices to fulfil manpower needs and at the same time support the employability of the vulnerable groups.

Different groups of people have different needs, and employers need to understand the employment barriers and challenges they face. For instance, a single mother whose child is at risk of dropping out of school has different needs from someone with a mental health condition.

An employer who hires the mother would need to consider flexible working hours and childcare arrangements, whereas hiring someone with lived experience would perhaps require the employer to put in place practices that encourage a supportive work environment.

Join the empower circles for a start and journey with us!

Compassion for All

One business operating alone to provide care for its employees only benefits those within its own company.

For businesses who are able to do more, they can contribute to better support the wider workforce within the same industry as well.

The INDUSTRY-LED COMPASSION FUND is a platform initiated by SBF Foundation in partnership with the Trade Associations.  The business community could pool resources with the goal of providing employees with care and support from within.

Employees in need can apply to the Fund and be connected to other community resources, relevant social services and community care agencies that can provide holistic support. Since its launch in 2020, the pioneering trade associations have collectively raised $1.9mil to support employees in need, within their industries.

Caring for the workforce involves caring for everyone – locals and migrant workers alike.

The MigrantWell initiative by SBF Foundation is one such project that supports the healthcare and mental wellness of migrant workers in Singapore. With partners such as Ministry of Manpower, Estate of Khoo Teck Puat, Estate of Ng Teng Fong and St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital, MigrantWell involves the establishment of a charity, MigrantWell Singapore, a MigrantWell Welfare Fund and a medical centre at Penjuru.

These provide the infrastructure of support for migrant workers who work tirelessly to contribute to Singapore’s development. Find out how you can be part of this initiative here.

Caring business community

When businesses care for their employees, we will be able to nurture a resilient workforce.

As employers, businesses have a responsibility towards those they employ, to provide not just the basics of employee benefits, but also by empowering and showing compassion to those within their workplace, as well as those who are part of the Singapore workforce. Only then can we truly move collectively towards a caring business community.