Launch of OneTAC SG Platform to Strengthen Ties, Promote Collaboration within Singapore’s Business Community

Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) will be able to collaborate more easily with the launch of the OneTAC SG Platform that aims to promote stronger bonds within the business community.

The OneTAC SG Platform was officially launched on 7 September 2022 by Ms Low Yen Ling, Minister of State for Trade and Industry at a networking event attended by more than 100 TAC leaders.

Amidst the backdrop of emerging challenges such as geopolitical risks and climate change, the one-stop platform initiated by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) aims to foster a stronger business community in three ways: learn, share and connect. TACs will be able to access the latest news, policies and initiatives from the Singapore government, other TACs and business stakeholders.

OneTAC SG is the first “for TACs, by TACs” collaborative tool by SBF to bring the TAC community in Singapore and their secretariat staff onto a common platform. It enables a whole-of-Singapore approach towards building a resilient business ecosystem with improved internal capabilities, said Mr Lam Yi Young, Chief Executive Officer of SBF.

“Through OneTAC SG, we hope to spur meaningful connections that will help build collaborations across the TAC community,” he added at the event, organised by SBF.

To learn, share and connect

Speaking at a fireside chat during the event, Ms Low said that the global economy is currently undergoing a challenging period, especially with governments and companies facing complex issues such as inflation, geopolitical tensions and climate change.

With no silver bullet to these challenges, governments, companies and the community have to work together to co-create economic opportunities.

“TACs play the ABC role well – advocate, bridge communications with the government and collaborate,” she noted. “This helps them support their member companies to future-proof their operations and create jobs of today and tomorrow that Singaporeans will aspire to take on.”

To this end, OneTAC SG aims to bring the different industry bodies even closer. There are currently more than 150 users across 45 TACs on the platform, which will be complimentary for a year. The platform is open to all TACs and their secretariat staff, with no limit to the number of users from each TAC.

The platform aims to facilitate mutual learning among TACs to support industry transformation. With features such as a user directory, direct messaging and the sharing of eBusiness cards, users will be able to exchange knowledge and hold discussions in an agile manner.

The TAC community will also bolster partnerships and promote information sharing. For example, staff from different TACs can get quick and easy access to official reports, guides and advisories. In addition, OneTAC SG makes it easier to organise joint events and mark them on an event calendar, which can be accessed by anyone on the platform.

Another key feature of OneTAC SG – joining or setting up of communities and groups – underpins SBF’s three Cs approach to empowering businesses: connect, collaborate and co-create. This brings like-minded people together to work on pertinent topics and nurture a sense of belonging within the TAC community.

Ms Winnie Low, Executive Director, Membership & TAC Division, SBF, said, “The idea of having a common platform for TACs in Singapore was conceptualised last year as we recognised the need to think of new ways to connect and foster better collaboration among TACs, beyond face-to-face meetings and events. Accessibility, diversity and inclusivity were three key areas that we focused on as we built the OneTAC SG platform. We gathered feedback from the TACs on the types of content and features they would like us to prioritise for this initial version of OneTAC SG. We are heartened by the strong support of the TACs and will continue to improve and add more features into OneTAC SG for more mutual sharing and learning as we strive to build a stronger TAC ecosystem in Singapore.”

Mr Phua Boon Huat, President of the Singapore Furniture Industries Council, said, “OneTAC SG helps TACs to come together on a common platform, share information and harness more participation across industries. We applaud SBF for embarking on this initiative and look forward to connecting with more TACs via this platform.”

Mr Wayne Yap, Executive Director, the Association of Process Industry, said, “The OneTAC SG platform will help to break down the silos we have, which have deepened during COVID-19. We hope that with greater communication and sharing, smaller TACs like ours can leverage synergies and economies of scale by tapping on the resources of larger TACs.”

Key programmes include the Digitalisation of TACs Programme (Digi-TAC), TAC Leadership Accelerator Programme (TLAP) and TAC Fellowship Programme for Leadership Development (TFP).

1. Digitalisation of TACs Programme (Digi-TAC)

Jointly led by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and SGTech, and supported by Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG), the Digitalisation of TACs (Digi-TAC) programme will support TACs to digitalise through pre-approved digital solutions curated for TACs to upgrade digital capabilities, and training of TAC Secretariat staff to equip them with digital capabilities.

2. TAC Leadership Accelerator Programme (TLAP)

The TAC Leadership Accelerator Programme (TLAP) is targeted at supporting Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) to attract, recruit and develop outstanding mid-career professionals with relevant working experience. Led by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and supported by Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) and Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI), TLAP aims to build a healthy pipeline of professionals to join the TAC sector. The TLAP will induct newly hired TAC secretariat staff without prior working experience in TACs (TLAP Participants), into the TAC sector and equip them with competencies to be effective TAC senior managers and beyond.

3. TAC Fellowship Programme for Leadership Development (TFP)

Led by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) and supported by Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG), the TAC Fellowship Programme (TFP) for Leadership Development aims to uplift the competencies and capabilities of TAC leaders and build up a pipeline of next-generation leaders to helm secretariats of TACs in Singapore.

This timely move reinforces digitalisation’s importance in turbocharging businesses, allowing them to raise productivity and scale without overcommitting resources in overseas markets before any traction is gained, said Ms Low.

Another opportunity lies in the green economy, she noted. With their fingers on the pulse, TACs can help companies showcase their sustainable efforts better to instil confidence in consumers when it comes to local goods, she added. This trust will in turn convince them to invest more in Singapore.

To that end, keeping a close eye on global issues and having regular interactions within the TAC community will give the government and TACs a clearer picture on the way forward, said Mr Lam.

“By uplifting and strengthening our TACs, we can enable a stronger business ecosystem and help advance our economy and create better jobs for Singaporeans,” he added.