Getting A Leg Up In Growing Business Abroad

Established in 2013, Singapore-based XJERA Labs develops video analytics-related artificial intelligence solutions for clients in the private and public sectors. The company’s video inspection solutions provide its users with real-time, accurate and actionable insights for round-the-clock monitoring and detection in buildings and other facilities.

Among other applications, XJERA Labs enables its clients to carry out round-the-clock surveillance at any desired location within a building whilst receiving reports and alerts from designated checkpoints at a centralised control room. Users are able to detect intrusion, abandoned objects and loitering events in real-time, enabling them to take immediate action to rectify the situation. Beyond building management, the company’s systems can also be used to monitor and manage crowd density within a building, with “live” people counting and queue management applications.

After enjoying success in Singapore, XJERA Labs established a subsidiary in China and also started to support its clients in Southeast Asia – including those in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam – from the city-state.

With an eye on growing its business, the company aims to eventually set up a physical presence in these markets as borders open up. “COVID-19 delayed our plans, but when business picks up again, we may start hiring in those countries,” said Jeremy Sing, Chief Operating Officer at XJERA Labs.

This desire to expand abroad motivated the company to send some of its staff to SBF’s Career Conversion Programme for Internationalisation (CCP-I), previously known as the Professional Conversion Programme for Southeast Asia Ready Talent (PCP-SEA), which supports local firms looking to internationalise by helping them groom a ready pool of talent with practical skills.

Specifically, companies that participate in the CCP-I receive support in recruiting and training employees to enable their overseas expansion into different regions, including Southeast Asia, China, Africa, Middle East and South Asia. The programme also trains employees to use B2B eCommerce to help their companies grow overseas. 

Having the right talents to support the internationalisation efforts of our companies is key to their success. Between June 2021 and May 2022, the CCP-I onboarded 49 trainees which benefitted 38 companies. As Programme Manager for the CCP-I, SBF will continue supporting more companies to train and upskill their employees, so they have the relevant market knowledge and leadership/management skills to take on key roles in expanding their business overseas.” 

Ms Mabel Tang, Director, SBF Business Institute, Jobs & Skills Divisions, SBF.

XJERA Labs enrolled three of its employees in the CCP-I in October last year. Through the programme, they acquired relevant skills in business development and sales generation for the China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam markets.

“When we enrolled them in this programme, we hoped that they will be able to learn more about the different markets, as well as skills in marketing and business development,” explained Mr Sing.

Due to pandemic-related restrictions, the programme was held in a hybrid format. The XJERA Labs trainees also underwent the company’s own in-house training related to internationalisation, alongside the CCP-I programme.

Said Mr Sing, “As we are just starting to venture overseas, the CCP-I helps to provide additional support for the training of our staff.” With the easing of Covid-19 measures, Mr Sing is also looking forward to sending more employees to relevant SBF training programmes, especially business missions, to countries where it has a business interest in.

SBF has been appointed by Workforce Singapore (WSG) as the Programme Manager for the Career Conversion Programme for Internationalisation Professionals (CCP-I), and Career Conversion Programme for Sustainability Professionals (CCP-S).

The CCP aims to support companies to find the right talents by helping them recruit and train their employees so that they have a ready pool of talent with practical skills to support in their operations.

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