Industries that are hot or not in 2022

Feng Shui Master Tan Wee Keong gives his take on which sectors are likely to flourish in the Year of the Water Tiger.

Tiger years symbolise prosperity and are conducive for business activity but 2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger which makes it particularly complex. The historical book Kongsheng zhenzhongji states that in addition to the wealth it may bring, there would be challenges and uncertainties in a Water Tiger year. After all, the tiger — the third animal of the 12 animal signs in the Chinese zodiac — is ferocious and highly agile so businesses should expect the unexpected.

Master Tan Wee Keong of One Feng Shui Consultancy concurs. By combining his analysis of classical Feng Shui concepts and traditions with his business background, he sheds light on the business sectors that are expected to do well this year.

Master Tan notes that the Yang Water element, representing strong waves and currents, will usher in much progress and activity but as water flows easily in all directions and assumes any shape, the business climate in 2022 is likely to be disruptive. However, this could be good for businesses that are able to adapt well amid the challenges.

General business forecast

Master Tan expects the business climate to be turbulent in the first half of 2022, and slowly stabilise after August. Prospects will improve as we enter the ‘autumn’ and ‘winter’ seasons which will support the favourable Water and Metal elements. His detailed analysis reveals that underneath the Yang Water is the Tiger Zodiac, which is made up of the primary element Wood, the secondary element of Fire and the hidden element of Earth. This combination will usher in a year that is bustling with progress and activity but problems could flare up at moments because of the Fire element.

However, another hidden element is Metal which in this year resembles a beautiful gold-plated ornament. This means that businesses related to beauty and social media will flourish this year. Similarly, the financial sector and those dealing with gold will enjoy steady to robust growth. The favourable Water element also signals better prospects for businesses involved in transportation, logistics, and oil but these could face volatility and uncertainty as well if they do not take steps to retain their competitive edge or seek new ways to grow their revenue.

Industries related to the Fire element such as electronics, IT and media should bring in good revenue this year, but because of Fire’s conflict with the Water element, these sectors may experience operational issues, such as resource scarcity and supply constraints.

Businesses facing challenges

The least favourable elements in 2022 are Wood and Earth, as these elements are weakening or in conflict with the Yang Water element. Therefore, related industries such as construction, telecommunication, aviation, as well as the performing arts are likely to continue to experience headwinds in 2022, even as they focus on growth post-pandemic.

Master Tan also advises businesses to be extra careful this year. He says, “Even though the Tiger year will bring about new changes with vitality and strength, if we make a mistake, the tiger could pounce on us. Therefore, businesses should adopt a more cautious and meticulous approach in their investments and expansion plans.”

Region-specific analysis

Using Qi Men Dun Jia divination techniques, Master Tan shares his forecast for key economies.

• CHINA — Although China’s economy remains fundamentally sound, it is likely to be plagued by its debt problem. In addition, economic activity and growth will be uncertain depending on its policy direction in 2022. As such, the business climate is likely to be sluggish and unpredictable.

• EUROPE — The European/German economies will be in recovery mode with more trade activity expected. However, local businesses have to be cautious of security issues, such as thefts and scams when doing business or investing in this part of the world.

• USA — The US economy may adopt a more defensive approach and focus on its internal domestic issues such as inflation. In addition, there is a high probability of conflict with foreign countries in 2022, leading to greater market volatility.

• ASEAN – Indonesia’s economy appears positive and will improve although there may be political uncertainty and a shift of focus on domestic issues. Nevertheless, 2022 will be suitable to formulate long term strategic business plans and relationships with commercial partners. Malaysia can expect a more vibrant economy and an increase in trade but social and security problems could arise. Business activity and growth in Vietnam and Thailand will be slow to pick up in 2022 as they could be plagued by local constraints. As a global business hub, Singapore’s economy will remain delicate as it re-opens its borders to encourage travel which will facilitate business growth.

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