Business Mobile Plans for SMEs

Far More Efficient Than Mobile Reimbursements and Allowances

With the recent shift towards remote or hybrid work, employees are switching from desk phones and now using mobile phones and other personal mobile devices for work. As such, we’ve all become more attached to our mobile devices, using it to perform essential day-to-day tasks such as communicating with clients and colleagues through email and WhatsApp, paying bills – rendering it an essential tool for businesses.

Due to this, employers now offer phone allowances or reimbursements. However, these pose problems such as:

• Businesses having to manage rising mobile expenses.
• Manpower and time spent every month on tedious work of sorting out multiple invoices of phone expense claims.
• Risk of losing important business contacts or confidential information when employees leave the organisation due to them using personal devices for work.

Hence, employers should consider a business mobile plan instead.

What Is a Business Mobile Plan?

Business mobile plans are mobile contracts subscribed under the company’s name. They are designed to fit the needs of businesses with higher talktime and data allowances. For SMEs or start-ups that think that their headcount is too small, here’s great news: there is no minimum number of lines required to sign up for StarHub business mobile plans. No matter the size of your SME, a business mobile plan can facilitate smooth workplace collaboration to boost efficiency and productivity.

StarHub has an affordable range of business mobile plans that cater to SMEs of all sizes.

Additional advantages include a one-stop solution for all mobile issues and unlimited tech support with the easy one-click Chat & Call via SmartSupport app. Subscribers can also swap devices two times within 24 months (service fee applies) and enjoy free delivery to anywhere in Singapore within four hours.

Simplified Billing and Payroll Procedures

It is not uncommon for businesses to peg mobile subsidies to the job scope. For instance, sales personnel who are required to communicate regularly with customers would rely more on their mobiles than deskbound office staff, hence receiving a higher subsidy. These variations make it a chore to manage the various reimbursement amounts every month.

When your company signs up for a StarHub business mobile plan, all you have to deal with is one consolidated bill every month. This eliminates the need to check the assorted amounts, which adds to the time and energy that you could devote to other business priorities.

Business owners on StarHub also have access to StarHub Business Manager, which enables on-the-go management of business mobile services. Through the app, one can view the contract end date of every mobile line and view billing preferences on a simple tab, eliminating concerns over unpaid bills.

In addition, with a single bill, you have complete visibility and control of your company’s mobile expenses to make more cost-effective decisions with the flexibility to scale up or down depending on your employees’ and business needs, rather than a fixed monthly mobile allowance that requires CPF contributions as well.

Safeguarding Business Continuity

With a StarHub business mobile plan, the employer often retains control of the mobile number. When employees resign, they return the SIM card and/or the phone. This ensures no disruption to business operations and communication as there is no risk of losing contact with clients and suppliers after the staff leaves the company. You can simply pass the SIM card or handset to the new employee, hence eliminating the hassle of calling clients and suppliers to introduce new staff and to ask them to update their contact list.

Businesses can also rest assured that confidential company information will remain stored within the company’s devices, instead of an employee’s personal phone. Furthermore, StarHub offers complementary solutions so you can have full control over how work information is accessed on these company-owned devices, by managing user access and enforcing that specific apps be used. You can also remotely remove such data from these devices and apps, ensuring your company’s confidential information is always kept secure.

Your Next Move

The emerging mobile lifestyle will become more entrenched in the business environment even after the COVID-19 pandemic and will make business mobile plans even more relevant.

As the trusted digital solutions provider for SMEs, StarHub is the partner to help you navigate business transformation in the digital age. You can accelerate business growth with StarHub’s communication and connectivity solutions every step of the way.

Sign up for business mobile plans today at StarHub SME Online Store to unlock online exclusive deals, redeem free shopping vouchers and enjoy free delivery to your preferred address. Live chat support is available on weekdays from 9am to 6pm to answer your queries.