Engaging a Global Talent Pool: A Comprehensive Look at the Future of Remote Work

By Globalization Partners

Anyone who has worked in HR knows it’s often difficult to fill a role, regardless of whether candidates are internal or external. In some cases, the right talent might be out there, but in the wrong location.

For more than 18 months, the majority of global businesses have had to adjust their working models to keep up in the era of remote work. With the popularization of collaborative technology solutions, flexible working has become more widely embraced. Undoubtedly, the global pandemic had a major role  to play in changing mindsets and attitudes.

Talent mobility is about optimizing the benefits employees can bring to their company. The experience  employees have with their company should be positive one, providing them with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, to learn  and achieve results in new areas, and, ultimately, progress in their career.

Optimizing employee performance and business results

If an organization accomplishes this type of work environment, it optimizes employee performance and business results, including the highest return on investment. Furthermore, if a company creates a positive work environment and company culture, it will more easily attract top talent.

To create and maintain an attractive brand that appeals to a global talent pool, companies will need to take their recruitment and hiring strategies across international borders. Global mobility has enabled this to some degree and will no doubt continue to do so. However, not every employee will be able to move at the time a new job opportunity arises. Companies that adopt a flexible remote work model that promotes hiring  across borders will reap the benefits of business optimization and a higher return on their investment.

But a flexible hiring and working-from-anywhere approach will have its fair share of challenges as well.

The successful strategy

As the future of work continues to transform, it is critical that companies establish a clear stand and policy towards flexible work. The policy should receive buy-in at all levels and HR must establish it as official company guidelines. HR must focus attention on employee preferences and wellbeing, customer and client needs, and cost to the organization. That being said, other parts of an organization must also buy in and adopt working practices to ensure other stakeholders, such as clients and customers, are not negatively impacted in any way.

Hiring talent, anywhere

Building an international team is a big step for any quickly emerging company, and there are plenty of points to consider. But the pros of a borderless, remote team justifiably outweigh the cons. In fact, according to a recent Globalization Partners CFO Global Survey, 81 percent of polled CFOs said the pandemic has transformed how they consider remote employees and the work-from-anywhere model.

Although concerns around company culture and effective management have cast doubts for some, forward thinking companies have learned to adapt and find ways to build a new corporate culture. Similarly, future focussed companies have been leveraging technology to better manage their international teams with project management platforms and document collaboration tools.

Once your company is ready to grow internationally, the tasks at hand can be daunting. But global hiring is easy and simple with Globalization Partners, global employment platform.

Onboarding the best talent

In order for companies to compliantly hire team members in countries where they don’t have an established presence, they must set up a business entity. This involves a range of complex tasks, such as obtaining all the legally required licensing according to local laws, establishing local payroll, and managing labor regulations and HR responsibilities. Globalization Partners’ full stack global employment platform can alleviate this burden so companies can focus on more important matters, like growing their teams and scaling new markets.

As you expand into international markets, work with Globalization Partners to hire anyone, anywhere, quickly, and easily. Our fully compliant  AI-driven global employment platform enables us to handle the logistical labor of team building while consistently achieving  98% customer satisfaction ratings.

Establishing a presence in international markets, the smart way

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