Customized digital paths for SMEs

Digital-first businesses are the fastest growing in the retail, financial and logistic services, and media sectors. These businesses thrive by maximizing the powers of digitization to innovate faster than their competition. This is more evident now than ever.

While digital products have long been redefining how people work, connect, buy and sell, it had been a gradual process. When the COVID-19 pandemic arose, it seems as if everything turned digital overnight. This digital upheaval has changed the way people live and work permanently and also raised expectations, which will create new digital urgency and more demands on businesses. For example, not too long ago, digital was regarded as a secondary sales channel, but now it is the primary business model with video calls that may require immediate response.

It is now even more evident that businesses have to digitalize in these challenging times. The Singapore Government, realizing that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) employ two-thirds of the workforce and contribute nearly half of Singapore’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), has stepped in with grants for SMEs to embrace digital technology so as to compete effectively in the market.

However, many SMEs are in the dark about how exactly they can proceed with their digital transformation affordably and smoothly. Then, they are also overwhelmed by the numerous alternatives available in the market.

Be in the know

The forthcoming Level Up: Digital First for Business Recovery and Breakthrough virtual conference and exhibition comes at a perfect time for SMEs to find partners to customize their digital path. To be held online from 9am to 6pm on Friday, 27 August 2021, the conference will feature:

• Government organizations & industry leaders unveiling the latest market trends and solutions.

• The various financial options (from Government grants to business financial solutions) to support the digital transformation journey.

• A panel discussion where companies who have embarked on the digital transformation journey will share insights on:

  1. Key challenges faced by the businesses before adopting the stated technologies.
  2. The rationale for making the change.
  3. Problems encountered when deploying the solutions.
  4. Key individuals involved in helping them make these technological changes.
  5. Return on investment and impact on business after adopting the technology.

This virtual conference and exhibition aims to educate SMEs on how to accelerate their digital adoption, and to share how the Government can support them in this endeavor. At the same time M1 will be showcasing an array of Infocomm Media Development Authority’s pre-approved vendors under the SMEs Go Digital program, and how M1 is partnering these vendors in the Digital Transformation Alliance (DTA) to help SMEs discover their technological gaps and adopting specific solutions just right for their businesses.

Full support from Digital Transformation Alliance

DTA comprises like-minded partners in the IT arena who have the expertise to support SMEs to achieve digital transformation more cost-efficiently. Advantages of the DTA include:

• Save time – Solutions have been pre-evaluated

• Stay competitive – Data-driven business solutions to drive growth in digital economy

• Secure and flexible – Choice of various Digital Solutions from trusted solution providers

• Advice on the various grants* – Enjoy support from the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) and/or Skills Future Enterprise Credit (SFEC) for qualified companies and selected solutions

• Redeem exclusive offers with DTPerks – Earn DTPerks when you take up solutions from selected partners

Digital First for Business Recovery and Breakthrough virtual conference and exhibition

The event is expecting to attract more than 1,000 SMEs from various industries — retail, food & beverage, logistics, service providers and more. It aims to inform SMEs on how to accelerate their digital adoption to overcome challenges brought about by the pandemic, and to share how the Government can support them in this essential endeavor.

For more insights on how SMEs can acquire customized digital solutions to boost business, click here to register for the Digital First for Business Recovery and Breakthrough virtual conference and exhibition.

*Subject to the approval of the relevant government agencies.