Digitise Your Supply Chain, Streamline Your Operations, Improve Overall Profitability

Global supply chains are extremely complex, and this is made worse by traditionally archaic and manual freight management processes.

As a result, this has consistently exposed enterprises and their logistics partners across their supply chains to high administrative costs, ambiguity and delays, with no visibility, much less real time, of goods movement.

Adding salt to the wound, with the pandemic severely disrupting global flows and connectivity over the past year, companies have increasingly needed to transform their supply chains to evolve, adapt and survive. Digitisation has been identified as a key means to bridge this gap to build resilience, trust and maintain connectivity. In fact, adoption of technology has evolved to become a necessity, rather than a luxury today.

Benefits of leveraging technology

As solution providers, numerous startups have been established to tackle these problem statements, employing different technologies, for example the ‘ABCD’s – AI, Blockchain, Cloud, and Devices, to shed some light on these ‘opaque’ supply chains. Adoption of these technologies have led to real time transparency and improved collaboration between logistics partners across borders. Leveraging data has also helped to optimise decision making, identifying potential choke points ahead of time and mitigating them as they come.

Trames – a progressive solution to bridge the supply chain gaps

Trames is a Singapore startup that was designed and built exactly to bridge the gaps of these disparate organisations across global supply chains.

The Trames solution introduces a unified digital workflow that facilitates seamless communication, enhanced collaboration and sharing of documents and information through a highly customisable freight management platform. The solution is further secured by blockchain technology in partnership with R3 and Singapore’s IMDA, effectively minimising and streamlining the multiple manual touchpoints and communication channels traditionally required.

How Trames can help you digitise your supply chains

Key features of Trames include a blockchain enabled document repository to facilitate collaborative drafting and confirmation of shipping documentation; real time visibility to track granular shipping milestones, enriched by carrier and independent data sources; as well as advanced analytics to optimise decision making, reduce costs and improve overall profitability.

Some key features of the platform that makes it effective in improving global supply chains include:

  • Shipment track and trace – get real time visibility across multimodal shipments
  • Task management – collaborate across organisations on 1 shipment workflow
  • Document repository – store all your shipping documents in 1 location
  • Blockchain-empowered – advanced security mechanism
  • Free trade agreement (FTA) advisor – leverage FTAs to optimise your bottom line
  • Booking management – manage your bookings across multiple forwarders in 1 location
  • Exception management – easily notify your partners on exceptions or issues in 1 click
  • Vessel sailing schedules – get sailing schedules across numerous carriers

Take control of your supply chain today

Help us improve our product as beta users or early adopters and enjoy 12 months free usage – sign up for the launch of the SME focused product on April 8, at the link here to enjoy this promotion.

About Trames

Trames is a supply chain digitization tech solution designed to improve collaboration and visibility between disparate stakeholders across long and complex supply chains. We achieve this through a collaborative workflow management tool, real time track and trace capabilities and advanced analytics.

Contact us:
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