Great New Year Resolutions To Have in 2021

Another year has just begun, and now is the time to make new resolutions. 2020 was a disruptive year for many people around the world because of COVID-19. Thinking through deeper and reflecting upon the insightful lessons we learned in 2020 will help us on how we should move forward and what we want to achieve.

New Year’s resolution is a promise made by you for the new year. Regardless of what resolution you commit to, the goal is to improve life in the coming year. Here are five resolutions to have in 2021 to make it a better year for yourself and those around you.

Make time for yourself

The importance of a work-life balance really came to light in 2020, especially when the lines between work and home blurred when people started working from home. For some of the workaholics, this just meant that the work never ended. You may not notice it but working 24/7 does take a physical and mental toll on you.

For 2021, do find time in a day or week where you can do something to recharge your body and mind. One such trick is to schedule short, daily breaks to break up the monotony. During those breaks, you can try to catch up with some pleasure reading, go for a quick jog, or even watch some light-hearted videos.

From the community: “I plan to set aside an hour and half of my personal time every day for exercise, and I have set measurable goals of losing 5 to 10 kg by year-end. Between managing work and family, this has to be a conscious effort.”

Ricki Suarez, 37, Investment Manager

Set boundaries

It has never been easy to say ‘no’ to others, especially to co-workers, colleagues, or even bosses. When you really enjoy what you do for a living, it can be difficult at times to drop incoming work requests, especially if those requests are one too many to manage given your limited bandwidth. You, sometimes unknowingly, would take on more than you can handle. At the end of the day, this could lead to poor productivity levels and you might inherit more stress, which could be detrimental to your work performance.

Learn how to say ‘no’ successfully for 2021 by prioritising your work tasks. It can help soften the blow if you can effectively communicate to your superiors and peers on why you are unable to take on the extra responsibilities at work and offer alternative solutions.

Do your bit for the community

One of the bright spots of 2020 was how the community came together in times of crisis. People organised fund raisers to raise money for the needy and less privileged, and they banded together to engage and entertain the community, keeping loneliness at bay via live content on social media. It was in times like these that really brought out the good in all of us and showed what we could accomplish if we stood in solidarity and remained united.

Do remember to keep this momentum going by doing more for the community in 2021. You can do this either by providing financial assistance to lend a helping hand or by offering your time to the community. Even a simple act of helping to get the word out and encouraging those around you to give back to society can have a great impact on the cause.

From the community: “With entertainment venues closed, we had to explore new ways to bring content to the public and support the music community. Local initiatives like SG Community Radio gave us a space to pursue that. For 2021, I want to be able to continue this journey and give back to our creative/music community.”

Kim Wong, 43, Creative/Dj

Communicate more effectively

2020 has shown us the importance of communication. Teams working remotely had to adapt and adjust quickly to new ways of staying connected. Management has also put great faith and trust in staff working remotely, which employees have reciprocated by continuing to be productive despite the challenges.

For the new year, be open to trying out new mediums and communication tools. Do not be afraid to ask questions during discussions to avoid confusion and miscommunication. Focus to convey your messages across clearly and succinctly, and more importantly, practise more empathy and compassion in every conversation.

Nurture your relationships

Social and physical distancing was a hot topic in 2020. When the possibility of face-to-face interaction was limited due to safe management measures, we realised that social gatherings were taken for granted. The pandemic has encouraged many of us to be more caring and giving, and to pay more attention to those around us. Professionally, many people have taken this as a timely opportunity to reach out to people in their network and revisit old connections.

For 2021, you may want to consider putting more time and effort into cultivating and strengthening your personal and professional relationships. Whether it is done over a phone call or a cup of tea, spend some time checking in on a relative or touching base with an old colleague or friend. Getting connected again and provide them with simple words of encouragement can make everyone feel better.

From the community: “This year, I want to dedicate more time to people who are important to me, like my family and close friends. The past year really was a timely reminder not to take things for granted and it taught me a valuable lesson to treasure my loved ones.”

Kumari Shanker, 33, Education Officer

Together, we can make this year a fulfilling one where we renew, reinvent, and rediscover our own self and the intricate relationships that we are a part of.