Sustainable Employment Brings Diverse Talent Pool to Hitachi Asia Ltd

Prioritising self-development and employee upskilling, as well as hiring and rewarding based on merit have helped the company to drive growth and success.

When Ms Anita Ong joined Hitachi Asia Ltd back in 2006, she was a Sales Assistant with the Industrial Components & Equipment Group. With a positive work attitude and a quest for continuous learning, she was able to rise through the ranks, furthering her studies along the way. In 2010, she completed her Diploma in Integrated Logistics Management, sponsored by Hitachi Asia. Now an Assistant Logistics Manager, she manages the warehouse operations for the company.

Her career path at Hitachi Asia is not that unusual. It is a reflection of the company’s focus on sustainable employment, which has created a diverse talent pool to achieve business success. Hitachi Asia is also one of several companies in Singapore committed to improving and sharing their sustainable employment practices.

The Sustainable Employment Pledge was initiated in November 2019, as part of the launch of the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Sustainable Employment Report by Singapore’s President Halimah Yacob at the Sustainable Employment Conference involving over 200 business leaders and industry stakeholders. At the conference, the SBF called on business leaders to take action to develop and grow their workforce in the face of demographic trends and disruptive changes in the global economy. In less than a year, 160 companies have taken the pledge, including Crimson Logic, OrangeTee & Tie, Singtel, Prudential, and OCBC Bank.

Mr Takatoshi Sasaki, Managing Director of Hitachi Asia Ltd

Fair hiring and equal opportunity for career progression

At Hitachi Asia, manpower needs are continuously monitored and evaluated each year as business leaders regularly review their needs with human resource (HR) leaders when hiring the required talent needed to meet the growing and evolving needs of the business. In order to hire the right candidates, the company embraces both diversity and inclusion through a stringent selection process based on merit, skills, abilities and experience of utmost importance. Conversely, and in line with their fair hiring practices, age, race, gender, religion and family status do not determine the decision-making process for hiring a potential employee. Every year a talent review is conducted to assess the roles and responsibilities, as well as skills and competencies of its employees. Here, succession planning is being put in place for key positions.

At Hitachi Asia, self-directed learning and making learning part of the job are values advocated by everyone. As in Ms Ong’s case, self-development is an important trait that is encouraged across the company. Global e-learning platforms are readily available to facilitate learning on-the-go where everyone can learn at their own pace, place and time.

The company also identifies key position holders and those with high potential for its global leadership development programmes, offering a rewarding career path. For other junior staff, a leadership milestone development programme is also in place to help them in their career progression into managerial and senior positions.

“We provide equal opportunities for all employees to learn and develop on the basis of their strengths, needs and to enable our employees to achieve their full potential,” said Mr Takatoshi Sasaki, Managing Director of Hitachi Asia Ltd. “Everyone is free to identify and discuss development programmes to bridge competency and skills gaps,” he added.

Power good from within

Underpinning Hitachi Asia’s efforts are the corporate values of Harmony, Sincerity and Pioneering Spirit since its founding in 1910 by their founder, Namihei Odaira in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. The “One Hitachi” corporate identity and culture is regularly fostered across Southeast Asia through its orientation programmes, branding workshops and team building sessions. Employees can expect to be treated fairly and with respect, and rewarded based on ability, performance, experience and contribution to the company.

Hitachi Asia’s employees at all levels are encouraged to “power good from within,” in line with the company’s global brand campaign to deliver social innovation. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes such as the Christmas light-up sponsorship and other social contributions further help employees to foster close bonds with each other. The result of these strong corporate values and focus on sustainable employment is a diverse and harmonious workforce in Asia-Pacific region, driving the company’s success, especially given today’s uncertain economic climate.

“Diversity enables us to tap on the vast experience and skills of our employees to contribute positively to achieving a sustainable society,” said Mr Sasaki. “We strongly encourage all our employees to uphold our founding values of Harmony, Sincerity and Pioneering Spirit by doing the right things and doing the things right,” he added.

“These values form the basis of the work we do,” he noted. “When employees are intrinsically motivated to act upon our values, they will be able to power good from within, delivering innovations that better contribute to our goal of achieving a sustainable society.”

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