Free Temperature Tracking Platform Leads the Way for a Healthier Workforce

As businesses regain speed and focus on reinforcing their work policies, spending prudently and leveraging technology are keys to achieving their renewed growth goals amidst the pandemic situation.

Taking a lead in creating a healthier workforce, Certis, Asia’s leading advanced integrated security provider, is giving away its free temperature tracking platform ‘iTemp’ to all businesses to help them track the well-being of their own staff. This software system was developed in-house and is now being used to keep regular records of its 16,000 strong team.

iTemp lets the employers save time and effort by digitising the task of maintaining health records of their team mates on paper or excel spread sheets.

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Free user-friendly tool

iTemp is a free temperature tracking tool which facilitates easy monitoring of wellbeing by the employees as well as the employers. The initiative aims at safeguarding the health interests of the community and building a healthier workforce that makes for healthier businesses. iTemp is a proven system used by Certis to track its 16k workers and it provides early warning signs of staff members who may be unwell. Launched in August this year, iTemp enables people to take ownership of their health and well-being anytime, anywhere.

This step is part of Certis’ key efforts to give back to society and strengthen the fight against COVID-19 as new norms firm up to work, live and play.

Data-driven tracking

Keeping it simple and fuss-free, Certis has developed iTemp by leveraging the concept of ‘Operational Design First’, which allows businesses to gain real-time insights of all their employees’ health status on a single dashboard. When used on daily basis, this data-driven technological platform helps collate information such as an employee’s temperature and respiratory symptoms like shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, sore throat and cough. These insights bring to fore any anomalies and let the employers take corrective measures well in time. Employers can also set automated reports for quick analysis.

Benefits to businesses

Vouching for this no-cost technological tool, business and industry associations such as the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) have come on-board to expand its reach and let enterprises benefit out of it. Through SICC’s network, Certis endeavours to cover 500 of their corporate members in Singapore.

With no additional economic burden on businesses and promotion of healthy work systems, iTemp is a viable option to have. Certis has partnered with the business associations to generate further awareness and adoption of its temperature tracking platform amongst SMEs. The drive is being supported by marketing collaterals such as electronic direct mailers (EDMs) and posters, which have been provided to the industry associations to encourage the employers to start using this solution.

Start using iTemp in no time

Installing iTemp and making it operational for the organisation is just a day’s job. SMEs can sign up for a business account almost instantly via the platform.

Step-by-step guides have been created to assist the enterprises in setting up their account. Once the account has been set up, the businesses can then proactively track the health status of their employees to ensure that they remain safe and healthy be it working from home or office.

Get your iTemp today and avail all the benefits at no cost!

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