Stylish work bags for men

Here are some good options for carrying your stuff to the office beyond the traditional leather brief case

There are now plenty of options for men who want to carry a bag to the office that is both stylish and functional. Even the staid brief case has been updated with sleeker options.

What you eventually choose will depend on your needs. A backpack is great if you have a long commute and plenty of stuff to lug around, but may not be the best to carry to client or C-suite meetings. To help you decide, here’s a primer on the different carrier options available.


Backpacks may once have been associated with school kids, but there are many executives nowadays who choose to carry this practical bag to the office, especially if they spend plenty of time travelling to and from work.

Not only are they easy to lug around, they come with plenty of storage space and compartments to hold laptops, keys and other documents. Some even feature pockets on the exterior for items you want to have within easy reach, such as a water bottle or your phone.

The downside is that more conservative corporate types may feel a backpack is not the most appropriate choice for certain occasions. So if you’re headed to an important client meet, you may want to switch to a more formal bag.

Messenger bags

Also known as known as courier bags, carryalls and satchels, messenger bags have been around since postmen used them to carry the mail.

Today’s modern version is a trendier option for men can be carried over one shoulder or cross-body. Not quite as convenient or spacious as the backpack, it conveys a more corporate look while still being stylish. Most come with several compartments to help keep your things organised through the work day.

These bags – which come in leather, nylon and canvas – are versatile enough to carry both in the office or if you’re heading out for bike ride or a hike.

Laptop bag

The laptop (together with the mobile phone) has become the default productivity tool for today’s white-collar worker. So it’s no surprise that many are choosing to use dedicated laptop bags as their go-to carrier of choice. You can choose one that fits your device precisely, and with plenty of space for accessories such as adapters, cables and chargers.

Make sure that the one you choose has sufficient padding to protect your laptop from any knocks. After all, keeping your computer damage-free and in good working condition should be the main consideration. There are plenty of stylish versions these days, and many can be carried either on one shoulder, across shoulder or in-hand.

Duffle bag

For those who need plenty of storage – and perhaps want to stand out in the office – the cylindrical duffle bag is emerging as a viable and interesting option for the work place. This option will come in especially handy for those who travel a lot on the job, as they can double up as overnight bags that can also store your clothes. Most come with straps that can be worn across one shoulder or across your body.