Co-working spaces for small businesses

Offering flexible workspaces, business facilities, and the chance to network, co-working spaces open up opportunities for start-ups and small businesses to flourish — without the yoke of heavy office rental

In land-scarce Singapore, renting an entire office can be a costly affair if you’re a start-up or a freelancer with limited cashflow. Thankfully, affordable co-working spaces that allow you to share an office with other individuals or companies have popped up all over the island in recent years.

You can take up just a desk or a room that can fit six or more employees, depending on your needs. Co-working spaces generally go for around $300-$500 a month for a hot desk and upwards of $600 if you are looking for a dedicated space. Such facilities also take care of all the mundane aspects of running an office – from handling mail and clearing your trash to offering meeting rooms. Some even have amenities so you can unwind, like table tennis and craft beer stations.

A big value of a co-working space are the opportunities for networking and socialising with like-minded individuals, including attending all kinds of events and workshops. With so many co-working options available in Singapore, it can get a little confusing selecting one that meets your needs. To help you along, here’s a guide to five co-working spaces worth checking out.

WeWork co-working space

WeWork (

If you’re looking for a space that not only boosts your productivity but also your mood, WeWork is the place for you. The interior is filled with lush greenery and pastel colours that will brighten your day. Each of their various locations have their own distinct decor flair. Their spaces also offer a wide variety of amenities, from on-site IT support to micro-roasted coffee and craft beer.

Trehaus co-working space

Trehaus (

Meet the family-friendly co-working space that allows your child to learn and play while you get on with your work. Their offices have areas where you can be alone with your laptop while your kids have fun and are cared for at the nearby Kids Atelier. Trehaus takes the worry of juggling work and family out of your hands.

The Workshop co-working space

The Workshop (

Pairing industrial chic with warn, wooden furnishing, The Workshop serves up a cosy yet vibrant work environment. As it’s located outside the CBD area, the cost of renting a space here is more affordable than other options on this list. With special nooks such as private phone booths and bespoke event areas which can be rented, you get the benefits of a co-working space without breaking the bank.

Found8 co-working space

Found8 (

Found8 offers opportunities for like-minded people to network and ideate. Staying true to their goal of going ‘Beyond co-working’, they host a wide variety of insightful business, design and tech events and run their own venture capital arm. They even have a coffee shop within their space at Prinsep Street, so you can get your caffeine fix on-site.

Spaces co-working space


With beautiful artwork lining its walls, SPACES offers flexible office and co-working space with a focus on good design. If you are seeking a vibrant space that that will inspire you, this is the place for you.