Pro-enterprise clinic: One-stop assistance for SMEs

SBF and ASME have launched a platform for businesses to get help with regulatory challenges

An initiative that reduces the number of touchpoints SMEs have with public agencies, the SBF-ASME Pro-Enterprise Clinic (PEC) was unveiled in April to make it easier for companies to conduct their businesses by improving regulatory processes.

Dubbed a “regulatory concierge service”, the platform aims to answer straightforward queries on regulations and direct companies to potential solutions for their business problems. The PEC was formed in partnership with the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s (MTI) Pro-Enterprise Panel (PEP), a private-public panel that advocates for businesses within the government with the aim of helping them grow.

The PEC will channel more complex queries and feedback to the PEP, which will work with the relevant public agencies to address queries and suggestions for rule enhancements. When necessary, SBF and ASME will arrange for one-to-one sessions with companies to discuss ways to reduce red tape and barriers to growth and innovation.

Mr Kurt Wee, President of ASME and Chairman of the SBF SME Committee, said that the PEC was set up in response to concerns from local businesses that the feedback loop between enterprises and the government takes some time.

“We believe that the introduction of the clinic allows an open feedback channel directly from SBF and ASME to the relevant public agencies to address issues in a timely manner. This can potentially reduce the complexity of the process and hence optimise help to SMEs,” he said.

Businesses facing regulatory challenges can access the PEC at SBF’s and ASME’s respective websites ( and to file their case via a feedback form.