Smart cars for busy execs

Make driving a pleasant, stress-free experience with these smart vehicles

We’re inching ever closer to the reality of fully autonomous vehicles and for some of us, that day can’t come soon enough. Singapore is already at the forefront of driverless vehicle technology, with several trials taking place in designated locations around the island.

While we’re not quite at the stage where we can prepare for a meeting while the vehicle drives itself, there are several models in the market that boast well thought-out functions that can help ease the strain of driving. And as all drivers know, the less time we spend stressed out in traffic, the more focused and productive we are. Here are some models that promise to make driving safer, smoother and more efficient.

Photo credit: Tan Chong Motor Sales

Making you feel safe: Nissan Qashqai 2.0L Premium

Safety is a key factor when considering any new car purchase. One model that leverages technology to keep you safe is the Nissan Qashqai 2.0L Premium, which starts from $115,8000. Intelligent Emergency Braking gives you a visual and audible alert when there’s a danger of collision and the Lane Departure Warning will let you know if you’ve drifted out of your lane without having used your indicator lights. When it gets dark, the Intelligent Auto Headlights will automatically come on, while the Adaptive Front Lighting System effectively illuminates your way around bends. What’s more, the car’s Blind Spot Warning feature will warn you if there’s a vehicle in your car’s blind spot.

Shutting out the noise: Mercedes S Class

When you’ve had a tough day at work, sometimes all you want to do is shut out the noise of the world and just unwind. Now you can do that in your car if you’re driving the Mercedes S Class. The  S Class boasts the optional Energizing Comfort Control feature – the world’s first. This feature syncs various climate control functions in your car, such as the ambient lighting, music, massage function, and even fragrance diffuser, so you can set the mood you need with just one command. There are six programmes to boost your wellness — Vitality, Warmth, Freshness, Joy, Comfort and Training (for muscle relaxation and activation) — and they each run for 10 minutes. The Mercedes S320L starts from $408,888.

Your onboard assistant: Any BMW with ConnectedDrive

Everyone can use a little help sometimes so it’s great that you can depend on BMW’s ConnectedDrive service when you’re on the road and in need of some assistance. Whether you’re looking for some traffic information or directions to the nearest ATM, the suite of services on offer is sure to keep you covered. You can order BMW ConnectedDrive as a special equipment option when you buy your new BMW car, then subscribe to its services. A subscription to Real Time Traffic Information costs $170 a year while the 24/7 Concierge Services costs $220 a year.